Best resources for how to handle a hyperactive child.

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How to handle a hyperactive child?
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How to handle a hyperactive child? A question most often asked by parents. Basically, we are a confused bunch, if the child is shy and not talking much, we worry, how will they survive in the cutthroat world? And if the child is hyperactive, we start losing our mind, pulling our hair out and start screaming at the top of our voice to control the child. These days we also start searching the net for parenting tips and tricks to deal with our hyperactive children. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Dealing with a hyperactive child is indeed a desperate time for many.

But when you go to the internet, you get overwhelmed, you don’t understand what to read, what not to read. What to believe, what not to believe. So here I have put forth some resources which help us understand a hyperactive child better.

First things first, stop thinking of your child as a problem. Stop losing your mind over it. Patience is the key. Also, parents need to work as a unit here. In many cases, in many homes, we see either the father blaming the mother, or the mother blaming the father or maybe grandparents blaming the mother or vice versa for the child’s behaviour. This needs to stop. It takes a village to raise a child and blaming each other is not going to help. Instead, reading this article will clear many doubts and help you to handle your hyperactive child.

Hyperactive kids’ symptoms

Running here and there without looking, jumping up and down the sofa, fidgeting, not able to sit still, making careless mistakes, making a mess often, breaking up toys, interrupting a lot, having trouble waiting or taking turns, not able to sit in an online class, emotional outburst, lack of self-control, are some of the hyper kid’s symptoms which we see regularly. Some kids lose control once in a while but others can’t manage and lose it completely whether things go their way or not.

How to handle a hyperactive child at home

Here the issue is not about how to make them understand but for us to understand them. Understanding how they are feeling and why they are behaving in the said manner. It is not always easy to predict or understand how someone else feels but we need to start somewhere. Reacting to kid’s meltdowns with yelling and outbursts of your own will only teach them to do the same but keeping your cool and calmly handling the frustrating situation lets you show and teach the right way to handle anger and frustration.

Articles for handling hyperactive children at home

resources for how to handle a hyperactive child

1. How to handle a hyperactive child without losing your mind. By Alisha  Grogan; She is a licenced paediatric occupational therapist and therefore she writes with experience. Her way of writing is natural and understandable. She explains 3 ways in which you can improve focus, attention, learning and communication.

2. How to deal with a hyperactive child at home.  published by Katie Blocker, UC Health.

Whenever we type the word, hyperactive and search the internet, a specific term,” ADHD” always comes into view. The full form of ‘ADHD’ is attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, which if diagnosed requires professional intervention. But being hyperactive does not always indicate the diagnosis of ADHD. This article clearly explains the difference between normal hyperactivity seen in growing children and ADHD.

3. How you can handle your hyperactive child. – published by the first cry, parenting blog

Yes, the ‘first cry’ is an e-commerce website but some of their parenting blogs are quite good. They are written by psychologists and experienced parent coaches. While you are reading the above blog, you can also check “7 effective tips to calm down a hyper toddler.” Also, a first cry parenting blog.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

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Now all the above articles are about hyperactivity that we see most of the time in growing children and how to deal with them at home. But in some cases, such hyperactive behaviour starts interfering in everyday functioning, influencing academic performance, and having an effect on peer relationships, the child becomes destructive to the extent that it is harmful to everyone around. Most of the time, we tag the child as a trouble maker and blame it on parents for bad parenting. but that might not be the real reason. Under such circumstances, it is always better to seek the professional help of a child psychologist or psychiatrist for better evaluation. This is not to label a child as ADHD but to help a parent deal with his or her child with a better understanding.

Nonprofit open-source organization

If you are confused about ADHD, if you want to know more, do visit Nemours kids health.  It is an educational website committed to transforming the health of children by going beyond medicine. They have doctors reviewed articles on hundreds of physical, emotional and behavioural topics from birth to teen years. Easy to follow articles for parents, kids and teens, each curated with your question in mind. Direct links for their article on a hyperactive child :

  1. ADHD
  2. Parenting a child with ADHD

This website aims to help those who learn and think differently, discover their potential, take control and stay on a positive path.” ADHD: ways to help your child at home.” This is an in-depth, detailed article that covers almost everything from how to get your child to focus to dealing with their anger and boredom and gain self-control. Especially parents whose kids are diagnosed with ADHD or are confused about the same should read this article for all ADHD tips and parenting strategies.

CHADD is the most trusted source for reliable science-based information on ADHD. It has name recognition and brand loyalty amongst doctors.

The full form of’ CHADD’ is children and adults with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder.

CHADD is a national non-profit organisation that improves the lives of people affected by ADHD through education, advocacy and support. below is the direct link to the parent overview which covers many topics like

1. parenting a child with ADHD

2. ADHD tool kit. diagnosis and treatment of children and teens

3. evaluating a child for ADHD

4. Treatment overviews

5. Coexisting conditions in children

6. Preschoolers and ADHD and many more

It cannot get more informative than this.


Always remember that you are not alone. Others are going through the same thing. Kids always need someone in their corner. Even if you don’t have the answers, be that someone.

If you come across other articles which are equally good, you can share the link in the comments section.

Have a great day.

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