5 Parenting Tips from a Mom on How to Be the Best Dad in the World

“The power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched”. We always keep mothers on a pedestal, and rightly so, but our fathers tend to get a little neglected. Well, the love and care of a father are equally crucial for a child’s health and well-being. Every father out there wants to know how to to be the best dad in the world. Some of them are so stressed that they don’t want to give birth to a child for fear of making a mistake. Don’t worry. It’s not that difficult. Who better to take parenting advice from than a mom who is always learning from her mistakes. Men generally don’t like to take advice from their wives even though they know that she is right. But I am sure you can read a blog from a mom without telling it to anyone.

Like many mothers frequently question themselves if they are doing it right or wrong, fathers also have the same doubts. But then men are from Mars, and they have difficulty expressing themselves. In the patriarchal society we have lived in, it is assumed that men know it all, can do it all and should not be bothered about small things like raising a child. Thankfully things are changing. Many fathers want to be active participants in their child’s upbringing. That’s where these parenting tips will ease your worry and help you to become the best dad in the world. Even if you already are one, no harm in going through them. let’s break it down for you

Effective communication with your child

how to be the best dad in the world

Fathers are considered to be the one who brings discipline in a child” s life. So let’s put that under the carpet for now and try and understand our child’s behaviour. Why are they throwing temper tantrums? Why are they so hyperactive? Instead of scolding them for things they do wrong, try the effective communication tool of pros and cons approach. Ask the child the reason for their behaviour, explain to them the pro and cons of it. Such interaction will let a child know that they are being heard, and their opinion is respected.  

You don’t need to yell to prove your point. If you lower your voice instead of raising it works like magic most of the time. It would help if you tried it once. The key to being an awesome dad is ageing without maturing. Be a kid in front of your kids. They will love it.

Also, at the same time, be the role model you want your child to be. Be like a child and, at the same time, a role model is like doing two opposite things simultaneously—pretty complicated stuff. Nobody said being a dad would be very easy but trust me, it is not very difficult either and possible.

One of the most important things to do to become the best dad in the world is to take responsibility for your actions in front of the child. If you feel you made a mistake, accept it and apologise for the same. Your child will be taken aback.” Dads can never be wrong, right.” Your apology will make them respect your honesty and teach them how to behave in the right way for the future.

Unnecessary Expectation

Sometimes unknowingly, we expect our children to behave in a way that we consider suitable or based on their gender because of the biases fixed in our minds since childhood.

We end using sentences like, “boys don’t cry”, “girls don’t behave like this”, “you are the elder child; you should not be doing this”. Concisely try not to use such sentences. 

Give them a sense of independence in their thinking, bring out the creativity and make them explore rather than building fences around them by assigning them gender-specific or age-specific roles. If a father does this, it has more effect and will help them become confident adults. Parent the child you have, not the child you want. Only world best dad in the world can do this.


Yes, indeed, there exists a term like this. In today’s time, it’s on the rise like never before.

We all want our children to have the best of everything. They should not feel insecure. They should not feel left out, so we go overboard with providing them with things that are not needed or necessary at that particular time.

“I want to give my child everything that I never had as a child.” is one of the most popular sentiments amongst fathers. But please do understand that you are successful today and understand the worth of money, time and hard work because you earned it. If you give free giveaways to your kids, they will not appreciate things in the future and will believe that it is their birthright to get something quickly. We can be indulgent sometimes but don’t go overboard and understand that it is also your responsibility to teach the importance of hard work and commitment. Inculcate these values to make them more resilient in later years. Let them struggle, don’t jump in to help, always be it studies, making a friend, or anything that they find difficult. Let them find their path. It is challenging but also rewarding.

Listen to your Wife 

Not kidding, seriously you should. Don’t step on your spouse’s toes, especially when trying to discipline your child, telling them to study or saying something important. Men have this terrible habit of interrupting when a mom is reprimanding a child. There is no need to agree on everything, but don’t contradict her in front of your child. Parents have to work as a team. There is no good cop, bad cop here. Contradicting statements from parents makes a child ambivalent or a manipulator to get their things done way one way or the other.

Any discussions concerning the children should be done privately and not in front of them. Never argue in front of your child. Do it when they are not around. Try to reach a logical conclusion that works for both and then let the child know about it. When parents act as a team, it brings stability and clarity to a child’s mind.

Be Yourself, dont worry much about how to be the best dad in the world

Lastly, be yourself. Don’t take too much stress about raising your child. It’s okay to make mistakes. Forgive yourself and learn from them.No good parent tries to screw up purposely, but it does happen. So be it. It’s okay to struggle; it is okay to hate it sometimes. These are natural emotions that you have no control over. Hating parenting does not mean you don’t love your kids. So chill. 

But yes, don’t neglect your partners, ask for help, if they can help in any way also offer your service. Always remember, give your listening ear before showering your suggestions and feedback. Appreciating and supporting each other is one of the essential things in this journey. Parenting does not matter so much, and everyone has a different style—end of the day, we just want our child to be happy, safe and kind.

In the end, always remember to say, “I love you” to your child. 

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